Photo Requirements for India Visa


Visa procedures differ for each country and we can quickly get confused. Indian visa can take different forms and different procedures depending on its use, but photo requirements are common in all these types. In this article we will introduce you to the procedures that apply in the case of an Indian visa application, and more specifically those regarding India visa photo requirements.

The Obligation of the Identity Photo

Apart from the nationals of a few countries including Bhutan and Nepal, everyone must have a visa to enter the country. Regardless of the type of visa desired, it is imperative to provide an identity photo to be able to obtain it.

As a passport is valid for 10 years, the face of its holder can change greatly during this time. This is why you are invited to provide a recent passport photo (less than 6 months old) in order to be easily identifiable. In addition, it guarantees your identity (there must be a match between the photo of your passport and your visa) and limits the risk of your visa being used by a third party (identity theft).

What Photo Format for an India Visa?

Regarding the shape, the requirement for the photo is that it must show in detail your head and the top of your shoulders, so that your face covers 70-80% of the photo. (Be careful, the shoulders must not be bare).

However there is a difference between the size required for the normal visa and the evisa India (India Tourist Visa, India Conference Visa, India Medical Visa, India Medical Attendant Visa and India Business Visa)

photo requirements for India visa

A tip if you are in a hurry and your photo does not meet these standards: to resize your visa India photo:

How Many Photos Are Required for the India Visa Application?

The Main Criteria of the India Visa Photo

The Child-specific Criteria in the India Visa Photo

Can I Reupload My Photo for an India Visa?

You cannot reupload your photo for an India visa. To respect Indian visa photo standards, your photo must not be reupload. The photo should show your face complexion in a natural way. It should be crisp, with enough contrast and light to reveal your natural features. There should be no shadows, neither on the face nor on the background. if you are not able to upload. You can email the document using the Contact Us form.

What Is the Price of Photos for an Indian Visa?

At a photographer, the photo will cost you around €10 for both photos. If you choose a digital photo from a professional (for the e-visa), count 5€


To avoid refusals because of the simple details when submitting an Indie visa file, you must know these simple recommendations and respect them for a simple, easy and efficient procedure

Make sure that you have checked eligibility for Indian visa. Please apply for a Indian visa