FRRO Visa Extension Online

It is mandatory to have a VISA for India to visit it. There are two types of VISAS, eVisa India and regular VISA. The e-VISA will provide you a short period of time to stay and is much easier to extension compare to regular VISA. Regular VISA is bit difficult to extension.

There are different types of regular VISAS mentioned below:

Type of VISA Duration of granted Extendable in India Entry
Tourist VISA 30 days No multiple times
Business VISA 5 Years Yes multiple times
Entry VISA 5 Years Yes multiple times
Project VISA 1 Years Yes multiple times
Medical VISA 1 Years Yes multiple times
Employment VISA 5 Years Yes multiple times
Student VISA 5 Years Yes multiple times
JOURNILIST VISA 3 Months Yes multiple times
Research VISA Duration of the research period Yes multiple times
Duration of the research period 5 Years Yes multiple times

Indian Visa Extension Process:

The Common Requirements for the Visa extension are Mentioned Below:

1. Duplicate of Your Passport:

2. Duplicate of Your Present Indian Visa:

As I have mentioned previously that any copy you are using for this process should not be faded, damaged. Should be in PDF file and not surpass 1 MB. Same goes for the copy of your recent Indian visa.

3. Current Photographs of Applicant:

4. You Should Attach the Proof of Your Home or Apartment in Which You Are Living in India.

Form C copy from Hotel / Electricity bill / Municipal Bill of the landlord in case of staying in a house of relative or friend along with a letter and photo-id card of the landlord. In case of rented accommodation copy of the Lease and License agreement (1st and last page & page containing its validity).

Additional documentation is required for different visa types:

Tourist Visa:

This VISA is not extendable. This VISA will be available for a person who is visiting for a travailing purpose. And they don’t have any occupation in India.

Documents required:

Business Visa:

This is a VISA for the applicant who needs to establish business in India. And in order to purchase or to sell products in India. Person should have a good financial status and should be experienced in the field of business.

Documents required:

Project Visa:

This VISA is issued for execution of projects in steel and power sectors.
Person should have a good financial status and should be experienced in the field of business.

Documents required:

Employment Visa:

This VISA is for highly skilled employ. The applicant should be highly skilled and qualified in his profession. These VISAS are available for foreigner engineers, technicians, Foreigners artist, foreigner sports man and chefs etc.
Person should have a good financial status and should be experienced in the field of business.

Documents required:

Entry Visa:

These VISAS are provided to a foreigner of Indian origin. Spouse and children of a person who is from Indian origin.
Person should have a good financial status and should be experienced in the field of business.

Documents required:

Medical Visa:

This VISA is given to those applicants who need medical treatment from the specialized hospitals in India. This VISA has duration of one year but is extendable.

Student Visa:

This VISA is provided to the applicant coming to India for studies.

Journalist Visa:

This VISA is issued for three months and the only applicant applying for this VISA should be a professional journalist or a photographer.

Research Visa:

This VISA is provided to an applicant who is Research Professor or a Scholar.

Missionary Visa:

This VISA is issued to the person who is going to India for religious purpose.

online visa extension india is possible but you should extend it before expiry. The VISA that is not eligible for extension is E-VISA. E-VISA which most of the tourist applicants hold this VISA is only valid for 180 days.

We know how frustrating it is to complete all the required documents for a single extension, and we’re sorry to say that once a document has been demanded, that FRRO outcome is final. Going forward, we recommend please arrange these documents to make this application successful. We follow to help you respond to these required documents and submit correctly. Please check here the Sample of Documents: Document Required for the Extension of Visa

How to Apply for Indian Visa Extension

Instruction to Fill the Form

They will ask about your information. You have to fill that information carefully because when you submit the form you are not allowed to make any changes after submitting it.The photo will be uploaded with your VISA application.

Visa Applying Through Indian Visa Extension

Step 1:

Visit the India visa extension

Open the link mentioned above and selects the Visa Extension and by selecting this you will be able to apply for the VISA.

Applying VISA Through Indian Visa Extension

Step 2:

Now fill the form as instructed and submit it. After submitting the form the system will create the Applicant ID. You should keep that ID to keep in contact with Indian Mission.

System will ask the applicant for the conformation. Then you have to select ‘Yes’. And if the response is ‘No’ then you have to print out this form and should approach the Indian Mission.Then you have to pay the VISA fee according to the type of VISA.
The Indian visa extension fee is submitted by using e-payment method.

Step 3:

You will receive your extension visa on email within 7-10 days.

Visa applying through Frro

Step 1:

You have to go to e-FRRO website

e-FFRO Online Portal Registration form

Select fresh new upper application submission option on the upper left corner in the panel then entre your basic information

About your present nationality, then the state and city you are currently living in India. Chose what kind of service you want to have.

Step 2: Complete the form with your personal information

Indian visa extend COVID-19
Fill the Personal Details

Step 3:

Now you have to upload the documents required mentioned previously.

When you have submitted your application it will be checked by the VISA authorities. They will check all the requirements you have added and if it is correct they will contact you thorough SMS or via email you have mentioned in your form.

How Indian Visa Online Better Than FRRO

Indian VISA online application is much easier than FRRO. Applying for a VISA from FRRO is time taking. They sometimes send you alerts to re-fill the form again. In FRRO foreigners are also advised to apply for it at least two weeks in advance. But this is not happening in INDIAN VISA ONLINE they will serve you fast and you don’t have to wait much. You will instantly receive the message after submitting your request for a new VISA or Extension of VISA.

If you are living in India and your VISAS are expired or about to expire in this pandemic and you are worried about that. There is no need to worry about it anymore because the Indian government makes it easy for you to extend your VISA at home.


Yes, you can renew your VISA. It is conceivable to expand your visa beyond its expiry date. This process must be done before its expiring or otherwise staying with expire will cause trouble for you

No, you can’t stay in India after expire of your VISA but you can renew your VISA for extension by submitting application sixty days before it expires.

If your extension denied there is several reason depend upon different situations.

Overstaying beyond VISA date can lead to fine. It can lead to imprisonment for 5 year and they can even ban you from entering into the country.

All visitors can extend their VISA through Indian visa extension online . It is online and easy to use app. The process for extending VISA online is mentioned above.

Yes, we can travel to India with VISA of 1 month expire but have to return before it expires. Provide the link to government website.

E-visa is short for electronic visa. It is simply a visa that you can apply for on your own through a visa website

E-VISA is a VISA for short periods. It is easy to apply and you can apply it online. Regular VISA is difficult to apply but is for long period you can stay up to 6 months to 10 years with Regular VISA.